Single - Ahuodin Power,  By Peter GodSon Ashittey

Single - Ahuodin Power, By Peter GodSon Ashittey

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*New Genre ;  GodSon Music Genre ™️
Single ; Ahuodin Power
Album ; Album One
Artist ; Peter GodSon Ashittey
Record Label ; Gold Inc

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This is the 1st song of the 1st Album of the  GodSon Music Genre ™️.
The GodSon Music Genre ™️, all songs, sounds/beats was created, written, arranged, composed, sang (Lead Vocal & Back ups), and Produced by Peter GodSon Ashittey.

Peter GodSon Ashittey, a Global Author, the Sole Founder of the PGSAglory™ Brand and the Sole Founder of  GodSon Music Genre ™️ is a man who speaks and sings the mind and heart of God for His children with grace, uncommon wisdom, great anointing, authority, inspiration, power and knowledge.

Many worldwide that have encountered his messages, books and songs, never remained the same and neither will you.

To God alone be all the glory. Great things He has done.